March, 15th, 2011

How do you measure the success of your business?

first quarter, 2011, News Letter

Business is a curve

By Bob Lambert

Ever feel like you’re up and down, side to side. Not sure if your business
Will make it next year. Business runs on a curve, even if your doing fine.
Now does that mean you will be doing fine tomorrow, I say NO.

If you are having a banner year is that because you are on top of the curve?

Everyone has a shot at that but its best preformed from ahead of the curve.

If your out front, always looking for the next great idea. You have a much better shot. What ever your business is (Business is business )

Stay out front ahead of the curve, you will find your self landing on top more times then not.

I have seen large manufacturing facilities on top and living large. Telling
Folks like me “ why change what works” and I agree with that . But what
Works today may not work next wk. 10 years later there gone ( I’m not. )

Remember this “ if your on top of the curve, someone below you is looking
For your market share” If you don’t beat them to it you could find your self
Still in business but on the back side of the curve. From there its easier to fall off then move forward!

* Always seek new and better ways of doing stuff.

* Loss control, can you save costs on waist?

* Every Year seek 3 ins quotes, Workers comp can be a very different
Cost. Putting folks in the correct listing / and good safety program
Can cut this in half.

* Productive employees come from happy employees, Can you do more

* Production flow isn’t just turning on a machine but a flow of work,
A rhythm that synchronizes a worker and the work being done

* Staying ahead of the curve could mean better paper work or being ISO
9000 certified.

* Its different for every one and every business but its really true to

So think out side the box, You can be a manufacturing facility, a country store, landscaping or any business .. Employee’s or not the rules apply
To you.

Stop saying you can’t make it better and find away to make it better
Because the next business in line is looking for that edge, the edge that
Will get them to the top of the curve .