Here are some of the services we offer to the community:

White Wolf Consulting offers many different services including;

We can teach an entire organization or a selected few at advancement training seminars.

Executive Training:
Teaching good communication skills between colleagues so that everyone has the same objectives and goals.

In House Group Training:
Power point, motivational speaking, equipment training or whatever your needs may be.

Product Engineering:
Taking an idea and moving it to the production line

Manufacturing Technology:
Are you updated on the latest techniques in manufacturing? Find out what could potentially save you money and what could be possibly be losing you money.

Product Work Flow Analysis:
Is your product going out as fast as it should be? Let us do a flow work study analysis and show you how to get more of your product out for less money.

Safety Training OSHA Compliance:
Are you paying to much for workman's comp? We can administer safety training on various types of equipment.
Policy and Procedure:
Writing and reviewing policies, procedures and rules for your company.

Human Resources :
Review human resource needs to get the right people in the most efficient positions.

Trouble Shooting Equipment Failure:
We have over thirty years of experience optimizing the performance of various machinery.